Creative Exchange

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Creative Exchange
4 years 5 weeks ago
Creative Exchange Lab-parent organization

5017A Rhodes Ave
St. Louis, Missouri 63109
United States

Welcome to The Creative Exchange TImebank!

This timebank is intended as a way for members to trade services free of monetary exchange.  Every member's time is valued equally and everyone has something to offer, whether you're a teenager offering to help people use their computer or a lawyer with years of experience, we are all members of the same community and everyone plays a vital role.  We want to encourage not only individual members of the community to be involved in the timebank, but organizations, non-profits, neighborhood associations, and businesses are all welcome as well.  In this way we can find solutions to not only empower and help one another through voluntary exchange but to provide alternative solutions that work on an organizational level. 


This time bank is Creative Exchange Lab initiative.  Creative Exchange Lab is a non-profit based in St. Louis, Missouri that works with Architects, Artists, Designers, Students, and City Organizations to promote the creation of public spaces, exhibitions, and events that promote innovation and creativity in the City of St. Louis.

Some suggestions for services you can offer through the Creative Exchange TimeBank.

-Cooking                                    -Music Lessons                  -Facilitation                                -Grocery Shopping     -Coaching                  -Security

-Cleaning                                  -Design                                -Transportation                          -Legal Services           -Promotion                 -Printing

-Tutoring                                    -Gardening                          -Artistic Performance               -Grant Writing              -Flyer Distribution      -Artist Services

-Building                                   -Dog Walking                      -Administrative Assistance      -Massage                     -Litter Pickup              -Bartending

-Painting                                   -Auto Repair                        -Photography                            -Medical Care             -Airplane Rides          -Counseling

-Organizing/Filing                  -Offering Space for Use     -Hair Cutting                               -Beer Brewing            -Boat Rides                 -Ushering

-Babysitting                             -Sewing                                -Personal Training/Fitness      -Sailing Lessons        -Party Planning          -Whatever You Love


All members start at a zero balance, and the total balance of the Time Bank will always be zero.  There are no interest rates, and no requirements for yearly growth to sustain a healthy time based economy.  Members are responsible for accounting for their own transactions.  Keep track of your hours spent or recieved until they are entered into The Creative Exchange Time Bank.  The Creative Exchange Time Bank does not endorse or take liability to any services offered within The Creative Exchange Time Bank.  Community members are just that, members of your community, we encourage everyone to be responsible throughout their engagements with community members.  Any material costs involved with services rendered are to be negotiated outside of The Creative Exchange Time  Bank.  This is strictly a means to exchange hours in service to other community members.  For example;  If Jared is recruited to spend 6 hours building a birdhouse for Lisa, Lisa is responsible for having the materials needed available, or negotiating the cost of building materials with Jared.  Jared can choose to donate the materials if he chooses, but that transaction will not be recorded within the time bank, nor will reimbursement or upfront cost of materials.  

Thank You For Joining!  Now is the Time for Creative Exchange!